Employee wellness programs are becoming increasingly popular in offices across the country and take many forms, whether it’s providing fruit and healthy snacks to workers, subsidizing gym memberships, or arranging weekly massage hours. But have you ever considered hosting a yoga class in your office?

In a recent article for Fast Company, Ayana Byrd focused on the work that one company, Yoga Means Business, does to make yoga not just possible in the office, but accessible and fun.

This company has found success by scaling down and re-envisioning yoga specifically for a busy, cluttered workspace, and using what’s available to enhance the exercise.

Rather than asking workers to change into yoga pants and get up close and personal with the conference room floor, however, Yoga Means Business has adapted this practice into an office-friendly format, using office furniture to help with certain poses, limiting sessions to 30 minutes, and allowing workers to stay in their business attire.

Chlyoko Osborne, one of the company’s founders, described the flexibility of their practice, which is based on the busy pace of the average work day.

“That drove home our business model of sending yoga teachers into companies and using whatever office space they have available,” she said. “We have yet to find an office we cannot hold a class in.”

This isn’t the only alternative means of exercise that employees can seek out: The New York Times recently wrote about early morning “rave” events that are attracting business professionals. These dances try to feature all of the excitement of a raucous party while serving coffee and fruit and getting people reportedly excited for the day.

Think outside the box when imagining what you can do to keep your workplace fun and energetic. Whether you’re seeking to furnish a break room or find that perfect used office chair for a yoga session, Quality Office Liquidations can help you make the right choice for your office furniture needs.