Many companies face strict budgets when choosing an office space and find themselves stuck in a building that lacks progressive environmental policies.

Only a lucky few land in a brand-new building that are designed to be green. However, environmental office solutions are important regardless of circumstances and involve several steps of planning and implementation.

An article in the New Zealand news source the Dominion Post recently profiled the Asteron Centre, an office building that makes use of different kinds of technology and planning to earn a 5.5-star energy rating.

The Post interviewed one of the owners of this building, Grant Corleison, who said, “The drastic savings we’ve achieved ultimately benefit the tenants who pay for their own consumption while we pay for the common areas.”

The building has been in use for four years and counting and boasts features that use electricity and water for maximum effect, including “heat recovery chillers, high performance glazing, [and] hot water pre-heating from chiller waste heat,” among other things.

Some of the amenities that your office gets to use may simply depend on the energy standards and initiatives of your building’s management company and its existing infrastructure.

If there’s already a strong water conservation policy in the area, for example, the building you inhabit may be more likely to have relevant regulations already there to follow.

Whether your office has a head start on green performance and energy-conscious policies or not, choosing used business furniture can both keep your costs down and reduce your carbon footprint.

A Bay Area used office furniture supplier like Quality Office Liquidations can help you find the workstations, chairs and conference room tables you need to be green.