The image of the office choked with cubicles and employees boxed in and walled off has been around for so long that your company may have considered trying something different. However, “cube culture” is misunderstood. When contemplating your company’s office consider this –  perhaps it isn’t necessary to rip down all those walls. Instead, maybe changing your business’s attitude toward cubicles might reinvigorate your office.

In a piece for the Virginian-Pilot, Philip Walzer discussed how cubicles can be arranged in such a way that individuality and creativity is encouraged. He suggests that allowing employees to personalize their space with photographs and trinkets or change the orientation of their desk set up can alleviate the coldness that these office arrangements engender.

There are alternative cubicle options as well. In contrast to the standard understanding of these walled areas as dehumanizing, Walzer cited a comment from W. Ray Jennings, an interior designer who discussed the benefits of an arrangement where companies use see-through screens instead of the full cubicle.

“This mode of operation seems more comfortable, freeing each worker to be aware of the environment around them and have visual and verbal contact with others without leaving their seat,” Jennings told Walzer in an email.

Whether your business chooses used office furniture cubicles of the standard variety or an alternative setup, office etiquette is paramount to a productive workplace. Business News Daily recently offered several tips on the etiquette that a “cubed” workplace requires.

This list includes recognizing the privacy of different workers even when there are no physical doors on their offices. Employees should be respectful and quiet while interacting with coworkers.

If your business needs to change things around, start from the basics. Consider policy changes that might improve the office culture as well as whether your office layout is well-suited to your employees’ job functions. Quality Office Liquidations provides both used office cubicles and open-office desk setups, so whatever your office furniture requirements, you can create a welcoming, productive environment for your employees.