Companies are increasingly adoption open-floor office plans as a means of catering to Millennials. The days of cubicles are on their way out. Now, more employees are able to see one another just by looking up, instead of walking around semi-private work stations.

We have talked about the advantages of both office layouts, but Bernice Boucher, head of Jones Lang LaSalle workplace strategy practice in the Americas, explained to that choosing an open or cubicle office layout is not that simple.

It’s crucial to answer the question of what employees actually need to complete daily tasks. For example, one of the most common issues with open-floor plans is that business owners assume that the lack of walls and office space means that employees can be positioned closer to one another.

“The idea that you can make the workplace really small and jam a lot of people in a space has caused crimes against productivity,” Boucher said. “The strategy of some has been to ask, ‘how many seats can we fit on this floor?'”

Instead, the question should be, “what do my staff members need?” This can identify exactly how many meeting rooms are necessary, as well as the number of quieter, not-so-open work areas. Over at Funny and Die, a comedy website headquartered in West Hollywood, the 65-employee office took everyone’s recommendations in mind to establish a space that promotes productivity, as well as reinforces what they stand for.

For example, some parts of the commercial space feature unfinished plywood, pegboard and galvanized metal projects, while the reception area has exposed metal stud framing. It may sound unpolished, but for them, it represents Funny and Die.

The website’s CEO Dick Glover mentioned to Fast Co. Design that they aren’t a sophisticated or mature business yet and wanted to express such in the office’s design. At the same time, there are plenty of small meeting rooms that only fit two to four people maximum. These spaces were created with the intent that conversations with celebrities and their agents would remain private.

This approach is much different than other businesses, but it serves the same purpose. If it wasn’t for the feedback from Funny or Die employees, the company wouldn’t be able to create a professional setting that suits their needs as well as the demands of their workload.

Businesses that wish to remodel some parts of their office to tailor to employees can benefit from green office solutions. These lightly used business furnishings are already assembled and ready to be added to your office.