Businesses are implementing more green recycling initiatives, often including plans to become a paperless office. This move can be extremely helpful to an organization.

Instead of purchasing boxes of paper and expensive inks for printers, files can be shared via email, secure network or cloud services. This alternative allows employees to view the file simultaneously and make edits in real-time, according to Business News Daily.

Nowadays, so many tasks can be done on computers, tablets or smartphones that having a paperless policy makes sense. While it is an easy adjustment to make, one that will result in cost-savings, it isn’t enough. In order to achieve a true green office solution, business owners will have to incorporate other sustainable features, the Cooperator, a monthly co-op and condo publication explained.

Many commercial and residential buildings are “showing their age,” so retrofitting with durable and eco-friendly systems is important and can reduce an organization’s carbon footprint.

“Many of the mechanical, electrical and plumbing system technologies have been proven over the years,” Edward Brzezowski, PE, LEED AP and vice president of Energy/MEP Services for The Falcon Group told the Cooperator. “New boilers, chillers, cooling towers, air handling units, pumps, controls and lighting continue to become more efficient—and now they provide network connectivity… via a web browser under secure remote access, so you can see how they are performing.”

Making fundamental changes to the office infrastructure, whether in the form of an updated air conditioning system or a more extensive green renovation, will make a significant impact on a business’s bottom line and overall eco-friendliness. However, going paperless, encouraging a culture of sustainability mindfulness and prioritizing recycling, such as purchasing used office furniture, are key steps to move any business down the eco-friendly path. Quality Office Liquidations can help your Bay Area business reduce its carbon footprint with our reused but high quality office furniture.