When a company has been around for many years, its executives may feel as though it’s time to enact changes to their headquarters. For example, employees are using tablets and mobile devices much more now than in the past. This shift to these technologies changes the overall business culture.  Office spaces need to adjust to these changes.

CBRE, one of the world’s largest commercial real estate firms in the world, with over 151 bureaus, decided to give its Los Angeles, California home office a complete renovation to keep up with its changing business culture.

Before this change, CBRE looked like many others with its array of cubicles, giving each employee some privacy. CBRE realized that it was running out of floor space because less than 20 percent of the office had open work areas. Executives knew that the current setup no longer suited CBRE’s work culture because about one-third of tasks required the help of more than one employee.

It took the company a-year-and-a-half to create a design that best suited employees’ workflows. CBRE created an open-floor plan, LA Downtown News reported.

“We found that 51 percent of the time, people aren’t in their seats,” CBRE Executive Managing Director Lewis Horne said.

CBRE reached out to Gensler to design a layout that would allow enough room for the company’s large staff, while supporting collaboration capabilities. Based on CBRE’s requests, Gensler redesigned the office to be a working playground, giving staffers the choice of where they wanted to work that day.

Through glass-encased rooms, which was enough room to make business calls or hold one-on-one meetings, and a large bar to have snacks or coffee, employees have more avenues to communicate now. And if they’d rather not, workers still have that flexibility to have their space away from colleagues.

“[Openness] can compromise your ability to focus,” Robert Jernigan, Gensler managing principal, told the source. “Choice means that if an environment is noisy or just not to your liking, you can move somewhere else.”

Businesses that are planning on building a new floor plan, but want to keep costs low, can benefit from the use of used commercial furniture. These pieces can be found at a used office furniture liquidators that has a large variety of desks and tables that provide an array of options for a company’s changing work culture.