Two months ago, this blog mentioned a study about the benefits of keeping plants in the office. Cardiff University researchers found that keeping plants in the workspace improved employee moods and helped to increase productivity overall. If your office is considering plants, there’s an obvious next question to ask: Which kind should you use?

While the study didn’t specify species of plants, a new article for Small Business Trends by Annie Pilon looks at this issue more closely and presents several different examples of commonly available plants for office use. It’s interesting to note some of the common characteristics present between all of these plants that could influence your decision.

For example, the post only recommends a few flowers for the office. Azaleas, Gerber Daisies and African Violets are the only colorful specimen mentioned for their visual appeal as well as their abilities to “filter out” harmful elements from the air.

Most of the other plants suggested by Pilon have dark, thick leaves, and require little maintenance. Some plants, like the Fittonia, are especially suited to office lighting, and others, like the pothos plant, make for easy additions to a standard desktop.

Pilon calls the pothos “a flowering plant that can fit perfectly on most desktops, though it may require occasional trimming. Aside from that, it’s very low maintenance and can be left on a desk for lengthy periods without needing much care.”

These considerations will help your employees make the right choices when it comes to green office solutions. If your business is fast-paced and can’t afford the time it takes to water and grow most plants, then one of these hardy species could be the right choice.