While office furniture liquidations are adaptable to any setting, here are some examples of specific institutions and how our services work for them. Quality Office Liquidations Inc. has helped many different types of organizations, which is part of how we have learned to provide liquidations that match specific requests. Our diverse experience has prepared us to work with the time frame and budget limitations of any project.

If you are new to our services, here are some settings where furniture liquidation can free up space and promote environmental sustainability:

  • College offices: Universities often require a lot of office space and furniture, so when a department has to move, the question arises of what to do with these pieces. Liquidation is an alternative to other practices that seem “green” but aren’t as efficient. For example, an article from the Harvard University website described how the departments of the Harvard Law School gave away furniture through a pair of “freecycling” events. By contrast, Liquidators will handle all of the dismantling and transportation for building occupants.
  • Health companies: Healthcare-related offices, whether they are for insurance companies or practitioners, may develop a large inventory of chairs, desks and other furniture over time. QOL has performed liquidation services for Kaiser Permanente and St. Josephs hospital, to cite two examples.
  • Tech companies: As popular as the open office is, some tech companies might have their own setups that require specific arrangement of workstations and desks. Whether a company does this or tries a more radical layout, liquidation should be just as easy, and with professional service, it can be.

The truth is, any office could find itself in need of an efficient liquidation solution. We provide that, along with a focus on reuse that helps businesses reduce waste and make a greener community.