One way to approach office design is to think of the different qualities you want the whole space to have. In addition to being comfortable, are you creating a space that is healthy, durable and accessible? Planning the layout based on your target goals will help ensure that many different issues are addressed with the same solution, as managers source quality office furniture for their needs.

In an interview with Metropolis, Randy Fiser of the American Society of Interior Designers discussed the importance of keeping healthfulness in mind when arranging the ideal office space. This includes giving workers the desks and chairs that support them as well as a space with high air quality and other important environmental factors.

Another factor to keep in mind is the individuality of the office space, since employees can respond well to workstations that are tailored to them. ChicagoInno spoke to Melissa Moore of Mattersight, a company that has divided office types based on different personalities to best suit everyone in the company.

“There’s a lot of discussion today about what the ideal and most productive workspace looks like,” Moore said. “The reality is that the ideal workspace is different for every employee, based on his or her unique personality type. The solution is to design a space that takes into account the needs of each and every employee.”

Working with a provider of new and used office furniture, businesses have the choice of customized pieces that come from local providers. Finding pieces that meet all of the criteria you have in mind is easier when working with a reliable source.