Using information from several government sources, WalletHub recently compiled a ranking of the 100 cities in the United States that rank as the most “green.” In addition to providing a general total score, each of the analyzed cities were also compared in terms of their environmental quality and “greenness” of their transportation, energy sources, lifestyle and local policies.

Judged overall, New York City placed highest with a score of 77.58. While it ranked at number 1 for transportation, though, it only held the number 5 position for the other three independent criteria. This means San Francisco, which ranked third with a total score of 73.90, placed higher in the “lifestyle and policies” category at the second place. San Francisco scored well for individual types of transportation, boasting the second-highest bike score and the third-lowest amount of driving commuters.

San Francisco also rated among the top cities for the number of farmer’s markets per capita, tying for this honor with Portland, Oregon, and Honolulu, Hawaii. Other California cities called out for distinctions include Fremont, noted for having one of the highest percentages of green space, and Riverside, with one of the lowest rates of greenhouse gas emissions per capita.

In a press release accompanying the findings, Professor Braden Allenby said that cities can assess the biggest areas for green improvement in their area in part through “legal or regulatory shifts,” asking questions such as “do building codes embed old practices which may not be either efficient nor environmentally preferable?”

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