Is your office furniture easy to move? It’s worth considering, because desks that can be shifted around free up the work space for other possible uses. One company has taken this idea even further by designing a space with desks that “vanish” at a moment’s notice.

Fast Company recently profiled the Dutch design firm Heldergroen Creative, which prides itself on its unique office layout. Workers sit at long wooden group desks attached to the ceiling by cables. These desks are much like standard computer workstations except they can be raised at anytime, instantly creating more room.

A promotional time-lapse video from the company shows how a standard work day in this office plays out. Employees transition seamlessly from work to group activities like yoga once the desks are lifted out of the way. And since they use a separate table for lunch, this setup also solves the “should I eat at my desk?” dilemma that sometimes leads to messes around computers.

The company’s creative director and founder, Sander Veenendaal, told the source that the freedom the room provides plants the seeds for better performance.

“We are able to pull the tables up into the ceiling and make the whole room into a dance floor, yoga studio, trend session, networking reception, or anything else you can think of–the floor is literally yours,” he said. “We believe that if you give something, in this case a room to do anything you like, you will eventually get something back.”

Heldergroen Creative illustrates the benefits of considering how to re-arrange your office furniture to spur creativity and versatility. Your search for lightweight and functional new or used office desks may be the first step in creating this type of positive environment for your company.