When companies have too many office products on their hands, including furniture, they could face a waste problem. They have to consider both how to store the excess materials and whether to use or dispose of them later on. The way they do so may also contribute to the size of the company’s carbon footprint. As such, CalRecycle recommends a simple principle for reducing waste: “Buy only what you know you will use.”

Though this seems to apply more to resources like paper and ink than furniture, the pieces offices purchase for their layout also need to help them avoid throwing things out unnecessarily. The same organization also recommended promoting any efforts to save energy. This could apply to a furniture reuse initiative, as companies proudly proclaim how committed they are to low-impact materials.

CalRecycle’s updated State of Recycling in California report from earlier this year compares this state’s efforts to the country’s as a whole. Information in the report from Columbia University showed that California recycled 41.8 percent of its waste during that year alone, with 11.5 percent composted.

These are part of California’s 66.3 million tons of waste seen that year. On the national level, the United States recycled or composted just 29 percent of its 389 million tons of “municipal solid waste.”

The report urged more similar comparisons in the future to keep the state on target when it comes to its goals. California could also make key strides in organics management, placing it alongside other states like Vermont.

Green-friendly Northern California used office furniture solutions let your business avoid spending on more than it needs. By working with a professional, you also have a chance to customize furniture to match your office.