The United States Green Building Council (USGBC) recently reported on some important upcoming dates for various versions of different LEED systems. Starting June 27, several older compliance rating structures will be retired, meaning that their project applications will only be received for a limited amount of time over the next few months.

One of the ranking systems among those being retired is version 2.0 of the LEED for Commercial Interiors. The official Registered Project Checklist for this version includes several categories of assessment, including one for Materials and Resources that includes credits for reused content. Adding furniture that is constructed from reused or remanufactured materials lessens the amount of reliance on processing new materials and the drain on natural elements.

Under this system, participants gain points for various reuse-related credits, including one for regionally manufactured materials and another for furniture and furnishings. Optimizing equipment and appliances to meet ENERGY STAR standards can also lead to points, as long as at least 70 percent of eligible items meet the relevant ranking criteria. There’s also a separate credit for using Certified Wood.
This is an example of the ranking that businesses may have been planning on submitting to in the past. For those that can’t meet the upcoming deadline, the USGBC suggests either upgrading a project or deactivating it. However, the latter could mean that important project data is lost, the Council warns.

To meet official requirements, Northern California companies of various sizes may need to add Bay Area used office furniture to their inventory. A liquidator familiar with the local suppliers and has experience with products that boast different levels of reuse will help office managers meet their personal goals by giving them access to remanufactured chairs, desks and other office items.