The Wall Street Journal recently reported on some of the problems that make scheduling meetings a pain in a crowded office. According to consulting firms cited by this source, the number of meetings being held in general has increased annually for the past 14 years.

Finding enough space to hold everyone for these meetings has become more difficult, with some office workers having to leave the office altogether and scout out coffee shops for privacy. That’s an inconvenience that could affect productivity overall.

The scarcity of meeting space, especially in a crowded office, means that conference rooms are treated like precious commodities. The source quotes Mark Schliemann of the marketing company Moz, who explains how his employees went overboard regularly searching for meeting space, with people scrambling to book conference rooms that were already claimed.

“If there’s a shortage of food, people want to hoard it,” he said. “Conference rooms are the same way. If people see conference space as valuable and they need it, they do whatever it takes to get it.” He adds that “people would be gathering in a room, and others would be knocking on the door, saying, ‘We have this booked.'”

One solution to this tension is to find desks that are tailor-made for efficient use of space. Putting smaller desks in meeting rooms could allow more employees to fit in one room at a time, or perhaps separate a single large room into separate smaller sections to allow for two ongoing meetings at once.

New office desks are a great way to create more space and give everyone room to sit. Whatever companies decide to do in order to maximize available space, quality office furniture will help optimize their buildings.