Because meetings are so common, executives and managers are under pressure to make them memorable. Even in small spaces, there are tricks that will help important gatherings be meaningful and productive instead of drawn-out and boring. By making relatively small adjustments to the decor, leaders can help the time pass quickly and help employees feel more engaged.

Before your workplace’s next big meeting, consider trying these tactics out:

  • Put interesting art on the walls: Associations Now reported that convention centers are using the work of local artists to liven up their meeting centers. Music City Center in Nashville has commissioned work from more than 50 participants to create dynamic pieces in different media. In the office, a painting or sculpture helps to make the room feel more personalized.
  • Take a field trip: Not every business will have this option (especially in the colder months), but relocating to a nearby park or public area does wonders for the office blahs. It’s also a way to promote environmental office solutions if everyone turns the lights and unnecessary devices off when they leave to save electricity. If you can find a nice place that isn’t too distracting, the result will be a calmer, more receptive atmosphere.
    Let employees keep an eye on the clock: It’s common during meetings for attendees to constantly check the time. So let them! Writing for the Seattle Times, author Karen Burns says that telling everyone at the meeting how long it will run and giving them a good look at a clock will help to keep things on track. It also gives employees less of a reason to pull out their phone and check it during a presentation.