This blog has spotlighted the ways that California has tried to improve green building standards in recent years, especially through LEED-approved projects. Quality Office Liquidations endorses efforts to obtain and further promote LEED standards, and offers services to help companies reach higher levels of certification by fulfilling reuse credits when selecting office furniture.

California currently boasts a strong environment for LEED projects, which may easily lead companies into considering ways to improve the LEED ranking for their buildings. Figures from the United States Green Building Council show the number of cumulative LEED certifications reach nearly 3,670. The most commonly achieved standard is the Gold certification, which accounts for 1,510 projects in the state, more than 41 percent of the total number of projects.

In an article for the Green Building Information Gateway (GBIG), California Department of General Services Sustainability Manager Dan Burgoyne put the LEED efforts in the context of the state’s other environmental initiatives.

“While water conservation and energy efficiency have been large focuses, green building and LEED certification helps our state facilities improve our performance (and helps us document that improved performance) in other important areas including indoor environmental quality, responsible materials cycles, reduced transportation impacts, environmentally preferable purchasing, and more – all with the benefit of third-party validation that we’re delivering as promised,” Burgoyne said.

Awareness of recycling protocols, specifically of materials that fall into the LEED reuse categories, will increase a business’ chance of meeting those protocols as they replace older furniture with pieces that meet their new standards. The way furniture contents have been obtained, as well as their actual properties, may contribute to how well environmental office solutions take hold.