Every week, millions of people all over the world head to work. Whether the setting is a factory, restaurant or office, it is important for business owners to be mindful that their employees are able to engage with one another, as well as clients.

Nowadays, the pressure is to be a lean, well-oiled machine, using applications and contractors to complete tasks. While this keeps operational costs low, is it really creating a more positive work environment, one that enables staff members to immerse themselves in daily tasks? According to clinician worker John Gaspari, who helps companies boost employee morale, for most organizations the answer to this question is no.

Staff members that are happy where they are will be compelled to volunteer for additional projects, stay late and grow with the business. The unfortunate reality is that 74 percent of workers want to leave their current jobs, according to Forbes Magazine. A lot of this doesn’t have to do with their career choice, but the type of work environment that they are in.

“Work is a fundamental organizing element in people’s lives. It provides not just extrinsic rewards like a paycheck or benefits, but intrinsic value, like identity and purpose,” Gaspari said. “Relationships are the medium through which the best work gets done.”

Developing a work setting that promotes employee engagement is not as difficult as it sounds. It begins with the design of the commercial space. Is there quality office furniture that defines where the social and private work areas are? Do the company’s amenities allow workers to complete daily tasks at their comfort levels?

Other adjustments may include department training sessions and social opportunities.

According to professional development research firm Bersin, about 53 percent of executives considered employee retention and engagement an urgent matter, second only to leadership. Fact is, these two concerns can actually work together, ultimately creating a professional culture that is welcoming workers from all parts of the ladder.

Taking the time to create a more engaging, positive place to work can make a significant difference in an economy where there is a small pool of quality talent across many industries.

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