The Lifecycle of Used Office Furniture

Lifecycle of Used Office Furniture

Office furniture is increasingly filling up landfills around the world. Flip Office Furnishings is breaking the cycle of office to landfill. We take used office furniture clean it and add it to a marketplace to be re-used. This helps thousands of pounds of waste avoid landfills each year.

Office Solutions through Reuse and Repurpose

When we resell and recycle, we’re keeping assets in use, giving them new life to a space in need, and turning your waste into change.

Plan and Repurpose Your Office Future with Us!

A productive office doesn’t just form by accident it requires the tools to
design and plan the perfect office space all while practicing
environmentally friendly attributions. Just like a company, it doesn’t just
form and happen by accident. With help from experts like us, we can flip your office into the most comfortable, efficient space possible, all while maintaining competitive pricing.