It helps companies to know the facts about material reuse and how it will benefit them in the long-run. Increasing the amount of thoughtful reuse in a workplace is about more than just recycling: it means guaranteeing that chairs and other items were created with a certain percentage of remanufactured or repurposed materials. That’s what makes it different from simply using older items.

This is a key point, because it’s easy to get confused about the more professional and beneficial choices related to environmental office solutions. While the so-called “freecycling” movement lets people find old furniture through online sources like Craigslist, this is not the best option for businesses, especially those that need to find a lot of furniture quickly.

Professional enterprises should seek out furniture that reduces the carbon footprint but is still of verifiable quality and locally sourced. That’s not to say that they can’t also look for pre-owned furniture, just that when they do, they should work with recyclers that know the business and have access to the top industry manufacturers, like Michigan’s Herman Miller.

Combining environmental awareness with professional awareness helps make Quality Office Liquidations a reliable choice for meeting the demands of corporate spaces. Because we have worked with high-level companies and helped clear their office inventory, we know what quality office furniture works best for continual longterm reuse.

During the years we have been active, we have built up important relationships with office furniture providers that enable us to supply companies in various locations with the items that they need, at minimal cost.
Be smart about the way you stay green by taking advantage of our resources. We are as committed to learning about the best practices and procedures ourselves as we are to informing our clients of them.