Any eco-friendly initiative may long overdue, but once it is deemed a success, more communities are likely to follow suit. This year’s latest trend is expected to be the rise of LED lights on city streets.

Recently, we talked about how the installation of LED lights has been on the horizon for New York City and Providence, but research from the Mayors Climate Protection Center shows that more communities want to make the switch this year; however, 71 percent of respondents are concerned about the up-front costs of doing so, due to the constraints of their budgets (84 percent)

“Cities again made LED/other energy-efficient lighting their top choice for most promising technology,” the survey reads.

In fact, 46 percent of respondents said they plan on slightly increasing the use of alternative energy technologies to reduce their community’s carbon footprint. Whether that be through retrofitting vacant buildings for new businesses or the implementation of these LED light bulbs, we expect 2014 to be the year when businesses take steps to become more green.

Even though funding may be a concern for some of these cities, mayors reported that a combination of private sector financing, city resources, and energy performance tracking will offset the cost of installing LED light structures.

The question at hand for many of these mayors is what programs can they cut down on to allow the installation of LEDs? With only 36 participants having a “comprehensive energy plan,” it is clear that many metropolitan areas are still in the midst of the early stages of changing out their traditional light fixtures for LEDs.

Preparing to roll out an environmentally friendly initiative such as the implementation of LED lighting on public streets will cost money, no matter how these mayors look at it. The reward for doing so will come, but not right away. On the other hand, business owners who are looking to express their commitment to green recycling can immediately do so by utilizing used office furniture.

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