There is such a variety of ways business furniture is designed that executives have the option to build their headquarters any way they’d like. Despite such choices, a large share of businesses go back on one of two ways: cubicles and open-floor plans.

While there may be benefits of going with either direction, a study from the University of Sydney found that employees who worked in cubicles were dissatisfied with the layout of the workspace. Participants were asked to rate their unhappiness with space, noise level, privacy, and other factors that may impact productivity, the Harvard Business Review explained.

Throughout Richard de Dear and Jungsoo Kim’s research, the percentage of disapproving workers in cubicles—whether the dividers were tall or not— was higher than those working in other office designs. Interestingly, the number of unsatisfied open-floor workers shared similar views as those who work in cubicles.

However, regardless of the way the office is set up, all respondents noted that lack of sound privacy was their largest concern. Even those who have their own office space found that this was distracting to work-related tasks. In some cases, like the cubicle with very little walls, shutting out of another worker’s conversation can be difficult when they are physically close by.

This is why is it is important to weigh out the options of every business design far in advance. Once a lease is signed, it can be hard to turn back without losing hundreds of dollars.

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