What kind of recycling program do you have established in your office? Different areas have their own standards when it comes to recycling: some places will have a highly sophisticated sorting system while others won’t really enforce separating the garbage into various components.

Even if you already tout the importance of recycling, there are likely ways in which you can improve your colleagues’ engagement with recycling efforts. The following are some basic tips to help you give your office a boost in the right direction:

  • Designate recycling leaders: Establish people whose job it is to promote better recycling habits. You could have these managers re-examine the recycling programs already in place and take charge of new initiatives, as well as hold regular meetings to continue the drive toward efficiency.
  • Color code and encourage connection with the community: Does your community already have a recycling program? Educate your office on the proper way to recycle according to your municipality’s regulations. It may be that your colleagues simply don’t know what can and cannot be recycled.
  • Stage special events to develop interest: An article for Inc. written in 2010 featured comments from the founder of the company Honest Tea, Seth Goldman, on the way that special events can help encourage recycling. “Adding an extra dimension to the program definitely increases the overall awareness,” he said. These can include annual gatherings to celebrate Earth Day or office-wide events that bring people together.

A green recycling plan can be both fun and good for the environment – all your office needs is a detailed policy in place and passionate individuals to encourage it. Choosing used workstations and chairs over new ones is just one way you can reduce your office’s carbon footprint.