Putting recycling bins in the office is a good first step towards reducing a company’s carbon footprint, but they can only be effective if employees use them regularly. To increase success, workers need to understand where to dispose of different items.

In New Zealand, Method Recycling, the couple-run company of Wairarapa residents India and Steven Korner, creates bins for the office that are color-coded and designed to fit seamlessly into a workplace, according to Stuff.co.nz.

The company has sold 200 units so far and say that their bins will make it easier for companies to fit recycling into the scope of a company’s workday schedule. Not only are their bins recyclable themselves, they can be customized for different offices and left out in the open for better access.

Making recycling simple is a goal for American learning institutions, as well. A news release from the University of Texas at Dallas announced last month that it would be enforcing a single-stream solution in recognizable blue bins across the campus. This is part of the way the university is preparing to participate in the college event RecycleMania, which challenges institutions to improve their approach to recycling.

However, this still means that users need to be wary of the difference between recyclable material and trash. The vice president of the college’s administration, Dr. Calvin Jamison, said that this conservation is one of the University’s goals.

“With the tremendous growth of our campus population, we must continue to look for ways to improve our processes and increase our sustainability efforts,” Dr. Jamison said. “Recycling is an important part of our environmental goals, and we have been working with groups such as the Sustainability Committee, Student Government and others to advance these initiatives on campus.”

Environmental office solutions can help everyone on-site learn the best ways to keep waste low.