Our suite of services represents a comprehensive solution to every office furniture-related need your company may have. Design, maintenance, delivery, installation and more can be entrusted to our dedicated team of professionals.

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FLIP employs an experienced and talented group of design professionals that work closely with our sales department to ensure that we are providing well thought out, practical and efficient, comprehensive solutions that fit your requirements.


FLIP provides delivery and installation of our products by a professional team of installers. They work to minimize interruptions to your business productivity and take pride in presenting you a functional, ready to work environment.


Our team of professionals is equipped to make the process of moving as painless as possible! We can redesign and reutilize your current product in different places or in alternative configurations or move it to a whole new location. All of his is done efficiently and designed according to your specifications.


FLIP provides planning, break-down, removal and clean-up for all types of office moves or site changes. We can support projects from 25 to 2000 offices. In 25 years of providing office liquidation services, we have never missed a deadline and have a 100% on-budget record. Our complete support services include Asset Valuation, Project Planning, Project Management, Labor and Trucking.


Let FLIP take the guesswork and stress out of furniture management so that you can focus on what your business does best. We will guide you toward making wise decisions regarding the life cycle implications of your furniture; repurposing perfectly good furniture when possible, and indicating opportunities to let go of pieces that have outlived their usefulness to your company.


Disasters happen and FLIP is here to help you put the pieces of your office back together. We will appraise any damaged furniture and repair the pieces if possible, design temporary and/or permanent furniture solutions, as well as handle any moving and installation necessary along the way.

save money with our quality, pre-owned,
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FLIP offers a range of pre-owned and new office furnishings from industry leaders such as: