Do your employees have cluttered desks, dirty headsets, and grimy keyboards? Unfortunately, these are all-too-common features of the workplace. But one solution is to use office desks that have enough space to create “cleaning zones” that make organization easier.

Forbes recently featured an article about useful cleaning tactics for offices, which include setting areas of the desk aside for different items, from paperwork to electronics.

For example, one drawer can hold spare “junk,” while another contains all of the most commonly used items. If the desks in your office don’t have drawers, desktop sorters keep your files organized just as well.

Urgent files and papers should be separated from other items and kept within easy reach of the employee. Everything else can rest out of sight until needed. This way, when it comes time to clean up, the process will be more straightforward. The Forbes list even recommends keeping a coat rack or hooks for outerwear, so personal items don’t clog up the workspace but remain easy to find.

With the cleaning work broken up into chunks, a massive task becomes simpler. Tracy Ormsbee wrote an article for the Albany Times Union recently about how quickly dirt accumulates in all the different parts of her workstation, overwhelming her.

However, in response to her article, many commenters proved that they were vigilant about office cleanliness. One respondent, Erica, gave some helpful tips for keeping a frequently used keyboard sanitary, something Ormsbee admits to having a problem with.

“If you just turn your keyboard over (over the waste basket) and tap a few times, followed by a wet wipe, it takes about 90 seconds/week to keep it nice,” she wrote.

Shop for quality office furniture today and look for desks that are already easy to manage and keep clean.