While some offices hold workplace yoga or workout events where everyone can participate, others are fortunate enough to have a gym on the premises. To make sure that gym and shower facilities are clean, organized and easy to access, businesses should consider how they are set up and how often they are being used. Although they sound great in theory, in practice, office gyms require regular maintenance to function properly.

Handled correctly, gyms can be both functional and safe. Here are some ideas for optimizing the gym so everyone gets their workout and feels refreshed without causing the workplace more trouble than it’s worth.

  • Cubbies for towels and clothes: The Wall Street Journal recently wrote about office showers and some of the problems that come with them. One employee described his dismay at finding out that his towel was used by a co-worker. A simple solution lies in creating enough separate spaces for everyone to store their belongings.
  • Timed showers: Another tactic mentioned by this source is timing showers to help limit the amount of water one person can use. A Seattle company has their showerheads set up so there are five minute intervals between each use.
  • Fountains and water bottles: Speaking of water, it’s important that anyone exercising in your office has easy access to hydration after their workout. A cooler, fountain or vending machine is a vital addition to the office alongside any gym facilities.
  • Privacy: Physical activity, and especially showering afterwards, may feel uncomfortable to co-workers. Make sure that the exercise and shower rooms are comfortably separated from the other areas of the office, and employees might feel more inclined to use them.

A used office furniture liquidation company could be a strong source of ideas for arranging an office so the gym facilities are easily accessible.