Last year, San Francisco made the controversial decision to ban plastic bags in grocery stores, which has done its part to reduce waste in waterways and landfills. Now, they are going for bigger fish: bottled water.

Supervisor David Chiu, the leader of the proposal, explained that the bottled water industry is fairly new and  is causing us to add more waste into the environment—a single plastic bottle takes 1,000 years to break down, according to Reuters. Chiu hopes that the Board of Supervisors will vote in favor of the bill when it goes through a second round of revisions before it goes to Mayor Ed Lee’s office.

“In San Francisco, we’ve been leading the way in fighting for our environment,” Chiu told Reuters. “The city accounts for tens of millions of water bottles that wind up in landfills, recycling centers or in the ocean each year.”

The Bay Area has been one of the recycling leaders in the United States, and they’re hoping this initiative will cause the city to further reduce greenhouse gases and waste. If Chiu’s bill becomes law, it would be an aggressive effort against bottled water: all city property would be prohibited to offer bottled water, the San Francisco Gate reported.

This transition would take many years, eventually affecting San Francisco’s biggest events like the Gay Pride Parade and other indoor events. Event organizers would have to rent water refilling stations instead of purchasing packs of single-use, plastic water bottles.

It remains unclear if a plastic water bottle ban will actually be put in effect, but there are many other alternatives Bay Area residents can look into. Purchasing lightly used commercial furniture is a great step in the right direction.  It is also a step that can be effective immediately.

We know that making quality office furniture consists of very large amounts of materials, time, and resources. We can do our part to reduce the use of these goods by investing in used office furnishings.