This blog has written previously about how some executives prefer working out of a cubicle near the rest of their employees rather than in an office. The Wall Street Journal reported on a different tactic taken by Grey Global Group, an advertising firm in New York City, that places new arrivals in a special “base camp” area of the office with other workers in the same age range.

While the source says that this is just a pilot program, an assistant account executive for the firm told the Journal that the setup “puts you at ease” because the workers are near each other. How can a company create a new layout such as this one without going over budget or expanding their carbon footprint?

As a prime Northern California used office furniture provider, Quality Office Liquidations can help your company find desks, cubicles and chairs to create a suitable place for newer employees to get used to the office environment if necessary. This resource makes workplace projects more feasible and budget-friendly.

Buying from us is both financially viable and better for the environment, because we buy furniture from local companies. The Journal states that younger workers behave differently around their workstations than others might, so creating a special area for them may be more effective than simply trying to use the original furniture and layout. The customized cubicles and other pieces can include features like see-through panels and low walls that allow occupants to collaborate and adapt to the rhythm of the workplace together as a group.

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