There are many ways to make your office feel more earthy and comfortable, whether you arrange plants around the space or create a clear view of the outdoors. Whatever approach your company takes to environmental office solutions, a recent report from flooring company Interface examined the way workers in different countries around the world equate a more natural feel in the office with higher morale.

According to Forbes, this study polled 3,600 office workers from different jobs based in “Europe, Middle East and Africa,” or EMEA. These employees ranked a number of different “natural elements” that would improve the workplace, including plants, a quiet atmosphere and “bright colors.”

At the top of the list is”natural light,” although some countries did better on average in this area than others. In Spain, for instance, 15 percent of workers were found to have no windows in their office at all. In general, a more natural workplace increased “well-being” by 13 percent.

The source spoke to Professor Sir Cary Cooper, the psychologist who headed the study and said that this information should be proof of the power of green workspaces.

“The report clearly illustrates the connection between the impact of working environments and productivity,” he said. “It’s no coincidence that the most modern employers now take a new view, designing environments to help people thrive, collaborate and be creative. Being connected to nature and the outside world, biophilic design, to give it its real name, is a big part of that.”

The Daily Mail cites similar assertions from the World Green Building Council, which says that changes like natural light help companies not only improve their workers’ lives but save money as well. Heating and ventilation systems have also been noted as a means of making spaces more energy-efficient and comfortable.

All of which is to say that the green office solutions your company pursues can both please employees and improve for your bottom line.