Buying new office furniture or throwing old pieces away can be wasteful when there are perfectly good used items out there to suit your business’ needs. Being aware of available options is important for companies seeking quality furniture and can eventually help to reduce waste generated over a long period of time. Liquidating furniture helps dispose of older pieces with a minimum of excess garbage, and, if done right, is a good step toward more environmental practices.

Depending on where your office is located, the amount of waste created by furniture in the general local office culture could be larger than others. An article in the Aberdeen Press and Journal recently cited information on the 10 million furniture pieces thrown away in the UK during 2011.

As a means of combating waste, initiatives within the country, like Scotland’s Zero Waste Plan, are focused on improving recycling in general. Throwing furniture away unnecessarily can be costly due to the amount of work that goes into processing it.

One representative of a Scottish recycling company said in the Aberdeen Press and Journal that most pieces get discarded simply because they are no longer fit for the office. This doesn’t mean that these items have no use left, just that the business that disposes of them needs to make a change.

To find reusable furniture that can help create a more sustainable workplace, businesses should contribute to greener practices by working with used office furniture liquidation specialists. Instead of turning recyclable furniture products into garbage, an environmentally-friendly liquidator will handle the entire process of assessing and transporting furniture pieces successfully, while staying within budget.

Businesses that participate in office furniture recycling help set a standard for other companies to follow, and experienced liquidators will make the process simpler and reach a higher level of reuse.