Sometimes a used office chair can be valuable for more than just the support it grants your workers while sitting: It can be used for fun as well. That’s the sort of creativity that you can dream up when the furniture around you is of high quality.

A recent example was reported in the Orange County Register as a celebration of the Fourth of July. A San Clemente event drew a crowd to watch multiple events, including an office chair race. The office chairs were just a part of the show – participants modified surfboards, skateboards, boats and more.

Strange as it may seem, this is an international pastime – a similar event recently occurred in Copenhagen, Denmark, and was sponsored by the famed energy drink and extreme sports company Red Bull. Video of this competition, taken by the U.K. newspaper The Telegraph, shows racers sliding down a large roadway and deftly avoiding strategically placed bales of hay.

While these events may be far outside the typical realm of what office chairs are used for, they show how ingenuity can turn them into a source of entertainment for the community. You don’t have to work in an office to be drawn to the kinds of fun that these events promise!

Even objects as simple as new and used office furniture can generate ideas to bring your office together. Often by introducing a few new pieces to your work space transforms the existing furniture from drab to extraordinary. Whether for a race competition or just for a comfortable place to sit, seating plays a key element in raising the morale of your team.