Quality Office Liquidations Inc. (QOL) has partnered with the Maker Education Initiative, or Maker Ed, a program designed to promote better educational resources for young people across the country. To help them support their staff and continue operations, QOL provided them with key office furniture for their office in Oakland, CA. Our contributions will hopefully put Maker Ed in a better position to succeed in its mission.

We submitted multiple types of quality office furniture to improve Maker Ed’s everyday operations both for employees and meeting spaces. The total order consisted of 12 workstations for employees and special furnishings and accessories for conferences and meetings. With these items at their workplace, this organization can look forward to a more organized and professional office with the right pieces for both comfort and business functionality.

Bill Leach, President of QOL, said that the organization matched our own company values, making them a good partner.

“We felt that the mission of this program was consistent with our values and motivated our company to invest in their facility,” he said.

According to Maker Ed’s official website, the initiative dates back to 2012 as a response to a national program targeting science and math education. Some of MakerEd’s goals include providing tools and resources on its site and coordinating offshoots like the Making Possibilities Workshop, which officially launched last year, and the Maker Corps, which are intended to expand across the country and account for more than 1,000 members this year.

Contributing different types of furniture to a program we support is one way in which we try to create a positive impact and help other offices stay fully furnished. Choosing QOL could help other businesses fill their offices with the best available pieces, both used and new.