Quality Office Liquidations, Inc., recently helped BlueShield San Francisco successfully move out of its Bush Street headquarters and into a new, consolidated office. Doing so required a strategy to help remove all of the furniture left behind and find a home for it in conjunction with the move dates. With our help, we made the whole process easier and contributed to the environment by preparing 100 percent of the site furniture for reuse.

By collaborating with BlueShield and creating a specific plan for them, QOL accomplished the liquidation job within two phases. Over the course of ten days, workers dismantled the office equipment, which included cubicles and workstations, before loading them onto trucks for direct shipment to buyers.

What we did not sell from the site we brought back to our warehouse to sell later. The clients receiving this furniture were found weeks before the project even began, giving us plenty of time to work with the pieces available and prepare for their delivery.

All-in-all, this job was a success with benefits on several fronts. BlueShield managed to rid themselves of their furniture in a way that wasn’t wasteful and helped others. The recipients of BlueShield’s furniture also came away satisfied, with used furniture in good condition brought to them after the move.
The vacated space was cleaned and extra office items were removed in time for the management to take over. Now, BlueShield has all of its employees on one floor, and have made the transition with minimum fuss.

As this example shows, turning the equipment left behind into Northern California used office furniture helps all parties involved. Companies should use a liquidator service with the connections and expertise to make moving into a new office easy.