Quality Office Liquidations (QOL) recently helped furnish a unique San Francisco creative space. For artists in the city, ArtSpan has provided exhibition spaces for decades, accommodating more than 800 artists and building an engaged creative community. It’s a mission that reflects QOL’s values, and we are happy to provide area dividers for one of the organization’s spaces.

As of this week, 22 artists have officially moved into the Journal Building at 1540 Market Street, one of the spaces the organization offers to promote a sustainable creative environment. Although it maintains a longstanding history with the San Francisco art scene, ArtSpan is currently focused on expanding its presence and forging ties with other similarly minded businesses.

Last weekend, the Journal Building hosted a special  block party designed to celebrate the Studio Residency Program, as well as the BirdSong mural. This artwork was designed by Joshua Coffy and completed with the help of ArtSpan’s support. Photos of the mural from the ArtSpan site show the detailed colors and bird imagery stretching over 6,000 square feet of wall.

ArtSpan’s wide-reaching mission statement, also includes helping “enthusiasts become buyers, buyers to become collectors and collectors to become commissioners of new work and key donors to larger public projects.”

Setting up effective work spaces for the artists in residence also impacts the way the program is perceived, as it establishes ArtSpan as a strong organization with access to quality office furniture. Its SF Open Studios space is the oldest in the country, but ArtSpan also offers programs like Art For City Youth to promote the arts among children in the area.

QOL coordinates both liquidation and supply for furniture needs, so contact us today for more information.