As more metropolitan areas begin to kick off their green recycling projects in the United States, Siemens Building Technologies decided to give a helping hand to the Malden Housing Authority.

According to a story on, the two organizations are in the midst of upgrading multiple housing units in Malden for the year; this community is about 10-15 minutes away from the Boston metro area.

“The work we now begin with Siemens Building Technologies to create more efficiency, cost savings, and sustainability, while improving the quality of our affordable housing for our residents, shows the power of public private partnerships,” MHA Executive Director Steve Finn told the source.

Clean Technica reports that businesses have been doing their part to design their own green office solutions, as Siemens recently did with its LEED Platinum headquarters in Masdar City, Abu Dhabi. Siemens’ decision to partner with a public organization may pave the way for future projects.

“This project captures Siemens’ commitment to implementing our Energy Performance contracting to help cities and towns lower costs and improve communities through greater energy efficiencies and sustainability in their public buildings and housing units,” Tom Foley, Northeast Zone Manager of Siemens Building Technologies, explained.

Housing units in Malden will eventually have a new water system, allowing the city to shut down a 70-year-old power plant and install water-saving showers and toilets. Over time, Malden expects these adjustments will be financially feasible for tenants who struggle to pay for these amenities.

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