Keep an open mind when it comes to the types of office furniture that can be easily recycled and repurposed for your office. Our website lists some of the product lines and types of goods that we sell to maintain a greener workspace for you to plan around. What’s important is that businesses reuse enough material to save them money and make a positive environmental impact.

Wired recently profiled James Shaw, a designer who has developed a new approach to creating furniture using streams of recycled plastic to construct unusual-looking but functional pieces. His work represents the need among manufacturers to reduce plastic waste and make furniture more energy-conscious, drawing specifically from plastic that had been previously used in a style called Plastic Baroque.

Speaking to the source, Shaw explained that consumers have powerful negative associations with plastic that prevent them from seeing its benefits as a reusable resource.

“If you think about wood, you can think about some beautiful hardwood desk that your grandfather owned or something, and you can connect with that object,” he said. “People have a warm feeling towards materials like wood. People don’t have that warm feeling towards plastic, people generally have a quite negative feeling towards it as a material.”

According to an EPA document from last April, there is definitely room for plastic furniture to pick up the slack in reusable items. Nearly 60 percent of furniture and furnishings were made of wood and steel, and the total amount of recovery for furniture was “assumed to be insignificant.”

Fortunately, companies can look for both new and used quality office furniture that addresses waste directly by being durable and reusable. With the right choices, strong furniture pieces could last a long time and reduce the need to buy more than is necessary.