In previous years, offices were tied to desktop computers that were large and clunky, and this dictated where employees could place the towers and monitors that accompanied them. The desktop isn’t completely gone, but there are now other options available, and new desks might fit the technology your company uses on a day-to-day basis better.

Just consider the progression of desks throughout the years, as presented by an NPR piece. Past generations needed a lot of table space for papers and drawers for storage.

These days, things have changed dramatically, with slimmer modern computers being the dominant office tool. Offices that have a special need for visual information have the option of using larger monitors, in which case larger tables remain preferable. However, depending on an employee’s function, your organization may favor a more economic setup with a laptop.

This can apply to offices that use innovative desk setups as well. Entrepreneur recently featured one office design that resembles a giant rock with different built-in sitting structures. This concept, from Barbara Visser and RAAAF, caters especially toward laptop users.

The Dutch designers described the applications of this unique piece, which could be the future of the workplace, to the source.

“It’s designed out of a thousand different possibilities for working in positions between standing and laying,” the team said. “The key is that the sculpture’s affordances stimulate people to take up different working positions during the day.”

If the computing needs of your company have changed, you should seek out new or used workstations to try to match this shift. Quality Office Liquidations can help you match your desks to your employees’ needs.