Every office has its own unique policies. Some companies still work primarily with desktop computers, while others are embracing a freer style that encourages users to bring their own devices. If your company is taking this approach, you have to consider whether you have the right quality office furniture to keep employees comfortable and productive.

PSFK recently examined the ways that extensive laptop reliance in the workplace can lead to design challenges. Working from a portable computer can allow employees to move from place to place, eliminating the notion that each person in an office has one desk that’s “theirs.”

For companies that need to acknowledge the new trend, this could mean more seating and neutral tables instead of individual workstations. However, the pieces themselves can include features that cater to the mobile computer user, such as built-in outlets and lightweight materials that make them easy to move.

The article specifically looked at a project that Airbnb and The Good Mod worked on together to transform a call center with new furniture that matched the work being done there. Key concerns were whether the occupants will have the freedom to change positions while still accomplishing all of their work effectively.

Another related issue is whether or not the lightweight furniture a company obtains is friendly to the environment as well as a business’ budget. New and used office furniture can be repurposed from older pieces to make an office that is perfect for future use, whether your employees embrace the “mobile” aspects of the open office or not.