Using multiple environmental office solutions at the same time could help encourage more mindfulness about waste and progress for a greener office in the future. Take the office of the tech company Decos in the Netherlands, for example: Not only does it boast an energy-saving design, but it has accomplished this, according to the Daily Mail, by embracing natural renewable power sources and eliminating paper in the office.

The company is committed to a completely tech-driven future, and as such is looking to translate everyday functions into technological solutions to conserve important resources. This firm has saved the equivalent of 16 trees per year by focusing on technological solutions instead, and has its own nearby energy turbine to supply the office with power. Decos also uses electric vehicles, including cars and a scooter, to extend its environmental principles beyond the office itself.

In addition to these practices, the physical design of the building is also meant to promote efficiency by using slanted walls and reducing the need for cabinets. In a blog post on its official website, CEO Paul Veger specifically discussed the importance of being paperless and how it relates to the business’ overall mission.

“For many people, a completely paperless work environment is still something of the future, but completely normal for us,” he said. “For years now, Decos has been working fully digital because it’s far more efficient, safer and cheaper. It’s also a lot better for the environment, which is why our administrative work has been fully digitalized for years, including invoicing and all communication.” He also said that the company is now 100 percent paperless, after being at 99 percent since 2012.

“Going paperless” or doing something similar could be the first step to pursuing other environmental office solutions at your company.