There are many advantages to arranging your office so that your employees are all in the same room. However, some negative factors also come with this setup, which were described in a study recently cited by Entrepreneur. These factors were described in a study recently cited by Entrepreneur.

The study looked at the way that closed off, traditional offices might actually contribute to greater productivity. More than half of the employees surveyed in the study said that even with barriers to separate them from nearby workers, noise and lack of privacy contributed to the general distraction that they felt while at work.

Writing for this source, Tucker Hughes noted that the apparent harmony of this setting can hide the fact that workers need to tune out surrounding sounds in order to concentrate—which defeats the purpose of the open office somewhat. And lack of privacy can, in the end, influence the way in which a business performs and finds success.

“Employees need to be able to speak in private or make phone calls that the entire office doesn’t hear,” Hughes writes. “Even if the company can enclose only a single conference room or two small offices, some space needs to have four walls and a door.”

This is in addition to other negatives that come with an open office: A study recently published by Taylor and Francis Online and conducted by a team of Swedish researchers found that those who work in open spaces have a higher chance of contracting infections.

For these reasons, the specific ways companies set up their new and used office furniture can have a significant effect on performance. Design and space use decisions for the office shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Office furniture liquidators in your area can help you strike a healthy balance between having a collaborative, open office and giving your employees the privacy and productivity they need.