Are there existing elements in your office that could also serve as furniture? To stay aware of the latest green furniture trends, businesses can make improvements to their own buildings and keep an eye out for new opportunities.

Inhabitat recently looked at a structure in a Belgian barn that is both functional and visually intriguing. As an added bonus, it helps owners save space by giving them both a support and a series of shelves.

Inhabit said that the building has become a usable office, with the timber supports being one of the most obvious examples of this. It comes complete with meeting space and enough room to place tables and chairs. It also fits in well with a more open-area office, the kind of which are becoming increasingly popular as a way to encourage creativity and use resources well.

Sharing a space has taken off as a means for businesses to work alongside each other. Fast Company recently looked at the role of co-working spaces, where entrepreneurs can meet together and work on their individual goals. As the article said, these spaces can also serve a socially responsible purpose, as they help support local business owners and minority entrepreneurs specifically.

Ed Boyd of the North Carolina-based Invictus Office Center said that business resources are encouraging for those who don't have the advantages of others when they start out. "Things are sort of slanted against the entrepreneur who doesn't have the family and friends that can help them generate or raise capital on the front end," he said.

Increase the social value of your business' offices by making responsible choices. You can start by finding new and used office workstations to improve the current carbon footprint of the office.