The New York Times has reported on an important move toward green energy recently introduced by New York City’s mayor Bill de Blasio. According to the source, the mayor is encouraging green office solutions in the area to reduce the city’s carbon footprint.

The announcement came as part of a United Nations summit on climate change that saw officials from different fields and countries converge in the name of environmental progress, including President Obama and Ban Ki-moon.

By 2025, the city is pledging to reduce its total greenhouse gas emissions by 10 percent, lower its dependency on fossil fuels, and create tighter energy monitoring requirements for area buildings. By 2050, it hopes to reduce emissions by 80 percent. While not an official mandate, this order is intended to show the mayor’s commitment to making energy-efficient practices more widespread.

In a press conference on the closing day of the climate summit, de Blasio said that he will attempt to follow in the footsteps of the previous mayor, Michael Bloomberg, who wanted to make the city far more sustainable by 2050.

“We’re trying to build upon that aggressively with our commitment to the 80-by-50 goal, and with our decision to retrofit all of our public buildings and to create a very clear pathway to making sure that our private buildings, particularly our largest private buildings, are retrofitted in the near term,” de Blasio said.

Your business should stay aware of the local regulations that apply to energy efficiency and commit to similar plans in the community you work in. Changing basic habits now will add up to greater energy savings over time.