The use of standing desks and other unconventional office furniture seems to be catching on in offices around the world. Whether your office is planning on following suit or changing something relatively minor, such changes can greatly affect your business’s everyday environment.

An article for CIO gives us one example, an office of the Kaizen Institute in New Zealand, that has decided to get rid of chairs altogether and put the focus on standing for both employee desks and meetings. According to the head of the company, Danie Vermeulen, this is for health benefits as well as to keep employees focused.

For Kaizen, this seems to be in line with company-held beliefs about efficiency and focusing on doing single tasks well rather than unnecessarily multi-tasking. However, when a company decides to go “chairless” as a change of pace, it will almost certainly face the problem of employees’ preference for sitting. A used office chair can be the key to moving employees from one approach to the other if you aren’t sure which to commit to yet.

Voicing some of this uncertainty is Karyne Levy, who recently wrote for the Fort Leavenworth Lamp about the pain that comes from switching to a standing desk too quickly. She notes that the adjustment takes time and that ignoring this could be bad for employees’ health.

“The trick with standing desks, or so I’ve been told, is that you shouldn’t just suddenly stand for 8 hours a day,” Levy wrote. “You need to work up to it, get your body used to being in a position it’s not used to being in for so long.”

The in-between step is crucial when you take on a new approach to your office layout. Just as important is the quality office furniture provider you use to find your new workstations and other items. If you’re soon to be making changes to your office work environment, a good first step is to contact quality office liquidations for design, planning, and installation of your furniture.