In order to save money and promote team spirit, one marketing group based in New York City has taken a unique alternative approach to using new office desks. Rather than having one desk per employee, the Barbarian Group uses one giant “superdesk” that everyone sits at throughout the day. It’s 4,400 feet long and actually costs less than traditional workstations.

The office is promoting its workspace with a video posted on Vimeo, in which Benjamin Palmer and Sophie Kelly, chairman and CEO of the company, respectively, walk through the brightly lit space. They show how the “desk” stretches around the space, sometimes arching to create little nooks and passageways. Certain sections of it are long and resemble giant tables with sections set aside for each computer workstation, but the surface is smooth and unbroken.

In the video walkthrough, Palmer says that the company really wanted to combine the advantages of standard open offices with informal meeting spaces and a collaborative atmosphere. Though there are enough familiar aspects to make it recognizable, the large shifting structure also helps create a feeling of uniqueness.

“There’s subtle divisions in the space, but the idea is every sort of department and discipline flows into another one,” he said. “So people run into each other a lot…as they’re moving around the office.” He also said that the office was meant to “facilitate more casual interaction and maybe less time spent cooped up in a meeting room.”

Companies that want a cohesive feel at their own office should look for quality office furniture that combines the best of both worlds: giving users their own space to work but also inspiring an upbeat and active attitude for getting projects completed.