Every year, Americans turn on their television screens to watch the iconic crystal ball drop in Time Square, but in 2013, we can feel less guilty wasting electricity on this 30,000-LED light bulb structure because it will be powered by cyclists.

Between December 28 through the 30th,people are invited to put the pedal to the metal on six Citi Bikes located on 42nd Street and 7th Avenue to contribute to this eco-friendly alternative, according to Tree Hugger. New York City’s decision to go with this approach came from the success of the city’s bike-sharing program that began in May 2013.

“Citi Bike users are reported to have taken more than 5.8 million trips covering in excess of 11 million miles in the first 200 days since the program was launched in May,” 4-Traders explained. “That distance is equivalent to over 450 trips around the planet.”

The Department of Transportation estimated that cyclists would generate about 75 watts per hour, but the 11,875-pound structure is going to need a lot of manpower to ensure that there will be enough energy to light up and drop the ball drop at 11:59 p.m. on December 31. Participating in this project will come at no cost to cyclists.

“The Citi Bike Pedal Power Station will highlight the sustainability of the program and give riders a chance to power one of New York City’s oldest icons with one of its newest,” Edward Skyler, Citi EVP of Global Public Affairs, said in the news release.

Earlier this year, New York City announced that it is working to replace all streetlights with LED light bulbs, eventually saving the city $14 million once the switch is complete across all five boroughs.

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