Seeing the widespread use of the LEED standard may spur businesses on to consider it for themselves, and that can include more mindful use of furniture sources. The United States Green Building Council recently featured an update on LEED use as of last month, listing construction statistics, certification patterns and the amount of square feet granted LEED status around the world.

The United States leads the list of countries using LEED, with 242 projects and more than 32 million square feet certified. After that, the most notable single country is China, with 19 projects and 7.8 million square feet. The source lists a total of 357 certified projects, with more than half of them (145) qualifying for the “New Construction” sub-category.

LEED structures are distinguished by both the category they fall under and the level of certification they achieve. These range from simply being “Certified” to “Platinum,” which means a project has earned at least 80 points by meeting specific environmentally-friendly construction criteria. Only 31 of the total projects reached this standard, with most (149) falling into the Gold range instead, which requires between 60 and 79 points.

According to DT News, nearly 100 new construction projects are underway in urban Los Angeles alone, including the Federal Courthouse, which is intended to achieve Platinum status. The source notes that this effort will involve “cutting solar heat gain with the curtain wall facade made of angled windows,” among other design tactics.

For environmental office solutions, businesses should consult professional suppliers that understand reuse and will make it easy to meet LEED goals.