The standing desk has been an alternative to the traditional seated arrangement for some time now, as more consumers have become aware of the advantages of standing up to work. Now, furniture giant IKEA is getting into the mix with a new model designed to capitalize on this trend. Called the “Bekant,” this product isn’t just a standard desk, but an adjustable one that comes with a built-in motor for setting the desk at different heights.

This means that workers don’t have to commit to a standing desk, since the Bekant can be lowered, or stick with a sitting-level desk either. An instructional video on this piece shows that the height is controlled by a simple button interface with up and down arrows for easy adjusting. This feature is clearly intended to help skeptical office workers make the transition more seamless.

Karen Haas, IKEA’s Sales Leader for Workspaces, told that the different options afforded by this desk could lead to a healthier workspace setup that keeps the worker out of the chair for the right amount of time.

“This desk promotes a healthy work environment by getting people on their feet,” she said. “With the BEKANT electric sit/stand underframe, you can adjust the height of your desk with just a touch of a button. This allows you to change your work position as often as you like, keeping your body active.”

Whether or not your business decides to use these kinds of desks in particular or not, IKEA’s new release opens the door for further “sit-stand” desks that don’t force the buyer to commit to either sitting or standing in their workplace. A used office furniture liquidation outlet will help your business promote the right amounts of sitting and standing within your office for your workers.