According to SFGate, rideshare company Uber is planning a new headquarters in San Francisco. While that in itself may not be surprising, it is notable that the company is taking what the article calls an “inside-out design,” including lots of glass walls.

The source says that this is to create a sense of open culture at the two new buildings that reflect the business’ values. The main focal point of the new space will be the commons, which the source describes as “a glassed-in network of circulation and gathering spaces fronting Third Street.” The campus is set to begin construction this fall and will include two locations on Third Street in San Francisco.

Moving to a completely new space may also require a company to buy new furniture, but reuse helps save money and reduce waste. Just as a building with many windows sends a strong message about a business’ office values, the way they obtain and use furniture is also a part of what they represent as a company.

Choosing office furniture liquidators in northern California will help a business support a community and also fit its own needs. Seeing that the region is so attractive to tech businesses, solutions that are low-cost and environmentally-minded can be appealing to forward-thinking innovators.

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