Managing a “green” office successfully sends a message to the local business community and sets a powerful precedent. CBS San Francisco recently reported on an office building at 270 Brannan Street that will allow for more efficient parking for bikes and cars as well as sustainable energy use policies. It’s all part of the drive for comprehensive green office solutions.

The office, which will be home to tech company Splunk starting at the end of 2015, has attempted to qualify for LEED platinum status. This means it will have earned more than 80 points through various environmental accomplishments. Ground was broken on the building earlier this week by the Mayor of San Francisco, Ed Lee.

CBS featured audio taken from the ceremony, in which Mayor Lee praised the building as part of an overall initiative within the city, citing all of the different sectors that need to come together for high environmental performance.

“This is what jobs do, this is what good development and design does, this is what contractors do and this is what great development does, so congratulations,” Lee said.

San Francisco is also the site of the offices of DPR Construction, which makes use of multiple energy and cooling features to maintain an “energy zero” standard. This means it is using so little energy it actually produces a surplus within the course of a year.

Has your business considered the environmental impact of buying used business furniture? It complements other programs that can result in LEED certification, and can help your office reduce its carbon footprint.