Finding quality office furniture in California can be part of a greater concern for social responsibility. This state is working to address energy waste issues, and a new proposal could see businesses make significant cuts in the amount of power they use. According to the Natural Resources Defense Council, the state’s energy commission is developing a plan that would specifically address the energy waste from computers.

Both laptops and desktops represent a sizable amount of wasted energy when left on while inactive. The source said that focusing on saving energy could save $2.2 billion in national electricity costs, just from California reducing its computer and monitor use by less than a third.

The source noted that this wouldn’t have any impact on active computer use and would only target the power drain from idle systems. Since this plan is still scheduled for development throughout the rest of the year, companies can take the time to look at their own energy usage and decide whether they can safely meet these standards. If businesses are already planning to be more responsible, this could fit in neatly with other environmentally friendly initiatives, including better reuse.

In an article for the Sacramento Bee, Peter Delforge of the NRDC mentioned the opportunity for better energy improvements.

“There are a whole range of things that can be done to make desktops more efficient ranging from software configuration to using energy efficiency modes in computer chips,” he said. “Addressing this issue is important because computers and monitors are the largest electronic loads in homes and businesses, and they’re not subject to efficiency standards yet.” If implemented, the new standards would not be mandatory until 2018.

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